A Automake | Context

Automake | Context


The term generative system applies to any system in which a few basic rules are repeatedly employed to produce varied, unpredictable and often complex results, with varying degrees of autonomy from the user of the system. Generative systems have been used in many fields in an attempt to model and understand existing natural phenomenon or as a tool to help find solutions to complex problems.

This project sits within the broad context of the growing interest in the use of generative design processes in theoretical and practice-based research in art, design and architecture. This involves exploring the potential for mathematical algorithms to provide computer generated inputs for the creation of artworks, three-dimensional forms or architectural propositions.

Through the ‘Post Industrial Manufacturing Systems’ project the University of Huddersfield has been investigating the use of such processes for over five years, focusing on their application within industrial design. This project is distinct as it has been undertaken from the perspective of a craftsperson/maker, Justin Marshall. Justin has a background in using digital design and production technologies to create physical works, but no previous experience in creating software. Ertu Unver has provided expertise, support and training in the creation of the systems found on this site.

Automake is a collaborative research project, started in 2006, which sits within the broader ‘Post Industrial Manufacturing Systems’ (PIMS) research initiative instigated by Paul Atkinson. Justin Marshall, a craftsperson and digital production researcher working in the Autonomatic research cluster at University College Falmouth was invited to develop generative software concepts created by Lionel T Dean for his Future Factories project. Working with Ertu Unver, a researcher, computer programmer and CAD expert, based at the University of Huddersfield they have developed systems which have the flexibility to create an infinite variety of unique one-off structures assembled from a range of modular units.

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