A Automake | Process

Automake | Process


The software developed in this project uses modularity to create variety and complexity. Through a random selection of units being placed, or falling, next to each other complex one-off matrix structures can be automatically generated. However, there is also a level of interaction; users can specify the units from which the computer selects, distort virtual meshes and ‘moulds’ within which forms are generated, and choose when to stop the build process. Therefore the software combines random generation with user control, with the aim of enabling the creation of forms which users have some sense of ownership, but it also has the potential to produce the unexpected. Try it out yourself by visiting the Software page.

Central to this project is the physical production of designs created within the digital environment. Our software outputs small data files which can easily be emailed, and through post processing used to recreate the detailed models needed for production using rapid prototyping and other digital production technologies.

To date a range of digital production technologies have been employed to produce work on a variety of scales; including rapid prototyped jewelry, CNC cut space dividers and digitally printed fabric. See the Gallery section for some examples of the work produced by both the research team and other users of the software.